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The Rapha Alliance will commit to the slow grooming and preparation of its members through intensive mentoring and teaching. The Alliance mandates accountability in the areas of character development and deportment.

Our Mission

The Rapha Alliance seeks to encourage and equip Christian leaders in the areas of spiritual wholeness and educational development through intentional mentoring and apprenticeship. The Alliance fully anticipates that through these purposefully structured experiences, the life of the leader will inevitably be impacted in a manner that strengthens their commitment and understanding of biblical leadership.  

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Rapha Alliance is a religious, not-for-profit organization whose aim is to establish connections with various churches and ministries in need of ministerial oversight and covering. Specifically, the goal is to direct and guide these leaders in the areas of governance, management, educational development and counseling. The Alliance also provides various mechanisms of support and training to help them to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world with power, accuracy, excellence, and diligence. Encased within this vast commitment will include, but not be limited to, support in Ministerial Training Programs; Christian Education; Media Communications; Writing, Editing, and Publishing of print materials; local and international Missions Outreach; Christian Leadership & Family Conferences; and, certainly assistance with preparing our youth for Christian Service.

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