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Goals of Rapha Alliance

  • The Rapha Alliance will offer an intimate setting for one on one training and assistance. The Alliance has developed numerous strategies to effectively provide this type of support.



  • The Rapha Alliance will provide ministerial training programs that will identify strategic methods, techniques, and procedures on how to train leaders.



  • The Rapha Alliance will commit to the slow grooming and preparation of its members through intensive mentoring and teaching. 



  • The Rapha Alliance will offer biblical counseling for its Pastors and recommended leaders. They will also receive instruction on how to establish and structure their own biblical counseling ministry within their church. 



  • The Rapha Alliance members will have access to comprehensive Christian education training and opportunities which will make them eligible to receive coaching for sermons and varied formats of biblical instruction. Additionally, the members will be invited to enroll in the Beth Rapha Christian College & Theological Seminary for formal theological instruction.  

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